Saturday, November 17, 2007

i am...

i am thankful for:
  • bookstores, where i can get lost for hours. the only thing possibly better than being able to sit cross-legged on the floor, in the middle of an isle with your friend, sharing coffee and a book is getting to spend the night in a bookstore. i would love nothing better than to grab my sleeping bag, jump into my pjs and spend the night in a bookstore one night. i know exactly where i'd sleep the middle of the art isle. (or history, photography, or even health and fitness) i don't care what isle....i just want to spend the night in a bookstore once....preferably with a bunch of other people because...well...being there all alone would be kind of scary. :) Pajama Party!
  • friends. friends you can be your complete self around and they love you anyway. friends that seem more like siblings. ( rock!)
  • food. hahaha it's so great. all the varieties. i know we americans are spoiled, but in one day you can eat (in no particular order) chinese, italian and american and i love it. (yes, today was a big eating out day...)
  • full days of activity. jumping out of bed and rushing out the door...not to return until the day is over. i am not a home-body at all. :)
  • and lastly....weekends. two whole days of not having the daily grind. it's what keeps us all sane.

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