Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pen Pals

Thanks to Self magazine and their really cool online community, I met Andrea. A cool chic from California who shared the same goals as me and was looking for a health accountability buddy. Well, the daily emails of what we were eating and how much we were (or were not) exercising blossomed into a friendship. One that was so effortless and natural, that it surprised me.

Andrea is amazing and in the past week I have received 2 letters from her via snail mail. We expressed our love of receiving stuff in the mail and an obsession was born. So far she's beating me with sending me 2 letters in one week. The first letter was a complete surprise. I had had a horrible day and came home to a lovely letter on ikea stationary with a present inside...burt's bees chapstick. (another love we have in common) It brightened my day. Suddenly things didn't look so bad.

Then yesterday after having another not so great day I came home to another surprise. A handmade card and a pair of handmade earrings. That's right....all handmade. The earrings were amazing. I literally gasped in awe and put them on. :) I sent her a picture text that showed me wearing them to express my gratitude. I loved them.What a great feeling to have a pen pal.
I sent out my first letter to her yesterday. I hope she likes it.

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