Sunday, February 17, 2008

Miss Susie Homemaker

It's probably just a phase that will be on its way out soon, but I've been quite domestic lately.

My mother is a picky eater. This I believe to be the very reason she always cooked the same stuff when I was little and not very adventurous in the kitchen. She was also the type of person who didn't like "too many cooks in the kitchen". So, cooking was never really something I picked up.

Over the past year my cousin Jen has been inviting me over to her lovely bohemian cottage home in East Nashville to try her new recipes on me. It's already become a memory I will always cherish; me sitting at her dinning room table talking about what's going on in my life as she slices and dices away on ingredients. She says she likes to cook for me because I always think everything is so great and amazing. :) Which I really do! She's a great cook! I like it because it feels like home. Not necessarily my home or the home I grew up in, just "home" in general, a place of comfort and warmth and happiness.

Anyway, so lately I have had the urge to try cooking at home myself. Around Christmas it started with just typical sugar cookies. (But hey, I had to start somewhere.) Then it was a Hot Fudge Chocolate cake. Oh so good! And most recently it was chili.

I have to say, I'm quite proud of myself. :) Now I know that I'll only get better at this cooking thing with time and eventually I will be able to fill my home with a family and cook for them, hoping to be more adventurous in the kitchen then my mother was. :)

So what have you cooked/baked recently?

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Tracy said...

absolutely nothing! All of my kitchen utensils are packed and I cannot wait to move into my new apartment and cook once again. I have found so many new recipes to try and am looking forward to them.

By the way, that chocolate cake looks delicious!