Wednesday, March 26, 2008

always curious

There is an old building along side Interstate 40 that I pass every day on my way home from work. I look at it every day, in awe of it's beauty and wondering what it's story is. I do this with a lot of things in life; old buildings, animals, land...people. Always admiring and wondering from afar.
This building looks abandoned, but luckily many old things these days are being renovated, restored and occupied by someone or something. But for some reason I almost wished that wasn't the case with this building. For some reason I found myself wanting it to be abandoned. It was more beautiful to me that way.
So after one particular sunny day, when my admiration and curiosity couldn't take anymore, I drove past it and decided that I was going to look to see if there was any information about this building online.
And of course there was. (pictures came from online, they are not mine)

The building was built in 1881. Called Marathon Motor Works, it was home of Marathon Motors, where the Marathon Automobile was manufactured from 1914-1918. Left abandoned for who knows how long, it was bought in 1986, and many of the buildings that surround it, and it is now considered "Marathon Village". The Village houses residential studio apartments, shops, art firms, a radio station and a beer brewing company. It also has an event hall for anyone to rent out. I plan on keeping that tidbit in the back of my mind for any possible future happenings. :)
So the story may not have turned out as fascinating as I would have liked for it to, but the beauty is still the same.

You can see more pictures at the following links:

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Call Me Naive said...

That's so strange. I never would've guessed that its now occupied and houses all of that. I have this thing with old buildings and they creep me out to the extent that I doubt I could live there. Especially old warehouses-too much history and accidents. Interesting story though! I love little history lessons. :)