Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Remember When

To all the other 80's children out there, do you remember the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine? :)

My sister and I soooooo had one of these! :) If I think about it, I can still hear the sound it made while trying to shave ice.

We had a freezer that made it's own ice into the shapes of something similar to an elongated, rounded triangle, if you can picture such. So we always had a hard time shaving the ice. I'm sure it would have worked much more effectiently had they been cubed pieces of ice. But of course, we didn't think about that then.

Wow! Memories are flooding my mind of my sister and I sitting on stools at the kitchen counter; one pushing down on Snoopy to press the ice and the other cranking the handle in the back as hard as possible. We'd have to hold the machine as close to the edge of the counter as possible because we never had any of those Dixie sized cups to catch the ice. So we had to use regular cups that were too large to place under the ice spout. Neither of us having the stamina or patience to fill a regular size cup, so the sno cones were never as satisfying as they looked on the box. Just a big cup with a small amount of shaved ice at the bottom, topped with cherry syrup that always turned our mouths as red as can be.

Wow, to be a kid again.... :)


Anonymous said...

My sister and I had one of these as well. LOVED IT! I don't remember what we used to put the ice in.

Daniel's Mum said...

The Snoopy Snowcone maker rocks! I remember it and miss it.