Monday, July 21, 2008

Adding It To My List...

My eyes lite up when I saw this photo over at Design*Sponge. Being from the South, I love a good wooden porch swing. And to be able to have one indoors makes me completely estatic.
I don't know why I haven't thought of this before. Years ago, my friends and I would all go to this coffee house called JJ's Market in Midtown and they had one of these wooden porch swings inside. I'm sure I have a picture of it somewhere.

Man, I wonder if there is anyway, since I am on the top floor, to put one in my apartment. haha (Doubt it.)


noble pig said...

That is so cute. I would love one for watching TV!

That Smith Girl ~Misty said...

I am peaking in here at your website & I must say that I love love love this swing! It makes me want one now!