Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Good ol' Apathy!

I have been away for some time, hiding out in a dark hole called apathy.
Ever since I got word of losing my job, my mind has seemed very unfocused, and uncaring.
I have felt very detached lately.
Maybe it's just how I deal with disappointments, I don't know.

Either way, I am doing okay.
My apartment is still a cluttered mess and I am still frustrated over not having it decorated the way I had pictured it in my dreams. But I'm working on it, slowly.
I purchased some amazing Pottery Barn bar stools for a steal of $90, only to bring them home and find out that they were too short for my unusually tall bar. My mom thinks I should keep them anyway, but there's something about trying to eat at a bar that is at your shoulder when you sit down that doesn't appeal to me. Call me crazy...
So I'm trying to resell them on craigslist but haven't had any takers. Which is so crazy because they are beautiful stools!!!!

I've been hanging out a lot lately, keeping busy with my new pal Liz. For those of you that don't know the story, she somehow found my blog and started leaving me comments. When we found out that we only worked 2 blocks away from each other we decided to meet for drinks. I can honestly say that it is rare to find a person you immediately click with the first time you meet them....but Liz was one of them. Thank God too, because I was getting bummed out about not having many friends. :) Now I'm making plans all the time and I love it. So glad she found me! You can read her blog here at 'You Can't Stay Quiet Forever!'.

So yeah, that's about all that is new. Apartment is still driving me crazy and I have yet to find a new job. September 30th is my last day here and I'm not looking forward to it. When you've been with a company for 4 years, it's hard to imagine what life is like without it. Hopefully, life will be good, if not better.

Well, I'm off. Hope everyone is having a good day.

Hopefully this apathy wears off soon.


Anonymous said...

What shameless promotion for my blog! I love it!
I think Jason's just thrilled we're pals so that I won't kill him now. I have a person to run to, as it were. He'll never admit it, but I know it's been thought.
Let's go argue some more AC/DC vs Led Zep!! ...Just don't shake hands with Seaver ;)

Adina said...

I know how you feel about your home not looking like you picture, feeling cluttered still. I still haven't gotten our house in order after 2 years!! It's driving me crazy since I'm in it 24/7!! I've decided to start going through it and listing stuff on craigslist either for free or to sell!