Thursday, December 18, 2008

Forecast: Foggy & Wet

It's been nothing but foggy and wet here this past week. It's definitely a bit of a damper on the spirit. Not to mention it's made me realize I need to invest in some new windshield wipers! None-the-less, the one thing I can think of where fog might be welcomed is for taking photos.

I've been checking out a local blog called Nashvillest lately and she's been featuring some very cool photos from local artist that best captures how it's looked around here these days. Today I came across a photo that took my breath away. Allow me to share:

This beautiful piece of art is the work of Chris Wage.
Naturally I had to stalk him and go on a link frenzy finding out who this Chris Wage was and what other stuff he had done. Just my luck, he had a web page, a Flickr account and a blog. I was elated as I found more photos like these and could not wait to share them with my friends (You). So I emailed him, asking for his permission to feature his photos and here you go!

One thing you may not know about me is that I love downtown Nashville. I've sat in the isle of bookstores flipping through the books of photos documenting the history of Nashville. (I love history too.) So when I come across a great photo of my hometown, I get so excited.

Enough about me though. Here are the rest of the photos in the series that Chris took this week. They're amazing!

And here is one of the Shelby Street bridge that I love just as much, although I don't think it was taken on the same night, just to clarify.

photos via: Chris Wage


Anonymous said...

Those are awesome. I thought about taking photos last night with all the fog, but alas, to Walmart I went.
And if you like Nashville history, you should look at my book "Historic Photos of Nashville" ;)
In better news, it's supposed to be cold, but sunny Sunday! I'll welcome the sunshine. This rain is really not conducive to creativity, just "hide under the covers and wait til it's over."

travel said...

cool pics :)