Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Me Time

Tonight I finally sat down and enjoyed some much needed Me Time.

I lit a candle, made some green tea, grabbed my journal, a book, turned on the Garden State soundtrack and curled up on the couch. Ahhh.... I had been needing this!

(I recall this was the best way for me to write essays in school because it was the only true way I knew how to clear my head.)

I have begun reading Beauty for Ashes by Joyce Meyer. It was a book my mother gave me several, several Christmas' ago and, like many of my other books, has remained on the shelf collecting dust.

It's a great book about overcoming abuse and a dysfunctional past and tries to help you begin your emotional healing. Granted, it is a Christian book and is covered in scripture, and I know I have a lot of friends that don't care for that stuff and may scoff at the fact that I'm even reading it. For me it's okay though. I was brought up in a God believing family, so honestly reading this book is like talking to one of my family members. I can take what I need and leave the rest as I see fit. For me it's all about the message behind it. The lesson to be learned.

So I read some chapters of that and then wrote in my journal for a while to get out some of the stuff that has been going on with me lately. I'm really glad I did that too because it has been too long since I truly wrote in a journal. I used to journal almost every day, but these days I find myself too busy, or I pick up the phone and vent to a friend or family member. Tonight, I wanted to write out what I was going through and try to figure things out on my own...or at least attempt to start. Again I'm really glad I did. My sister has always reminded me that it's often helpful to get it out on paper and see it for yourself.

All in all, it was a good night. I might just do it again tomorrow.

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Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

It sounds nice. I need some of that "me time"