Friday, March 20, 2009

Fun In The Mud

This, my friends, is quite possibly the most "redneck" photo of me I have ever seen! I mean come on, me standing in mud, the back of a truck and a beer can? haha But I do live in Tennessee, so....

My guy decided to invite me along on his 4-wheeling adventure last weekend with his buddies. Cute, right? (He happens to absolutely love the picture above, which I find strangely odd, but whatever.) :)

Here are five things I didn't expect:
  1. The mud! (I knew I'd get a little dirty, but woah! This photo was taken mid day, which means you should have seen me when we left that evening.)

  2. To feel like such a redneck. haha

  3. To actually learn to ride a manual 4-wheeler. Shifting gears was easier than I thought.

  4. That after 3 loops around the "track" I attempted a jump all on my own. (You should have seen the looks on those guys.)

  5. To have so much fun!!! It brought out that tom-boyish little girl in me that hadn't been seen in quite a while.

So since we all had so much fun, we're going to do it again tomorrow. And I'm actually really excited about it! haha

I wonder what's next...

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