Monday, April 6, 2009


I had absolutely no idea what to title this post, so forgive me for the "OMG!". Since I couldn't think of a clever title, I just went with my reaction to the subject matter.

For 2 weeks now my new guy has been telling me about this gift he bought me. He was so excited and said he had never put so much thought into a gift before and that he was so proud of himself. (This was incredibly cute by the way.) Every day that we spoke on the phone he would mention this gift and try to give me hints as to what it could be. I honestly had no idea. His hints were so vague that I was completely clueless.

Saturday evening, after a 3 hour drive from Knoxville, he arrives at my apartment. He calls me from outside and tells me to go in my room and to not look out the window or come out into the living room until he said so. The anxiety was too much!

I'm sitting on my bed and I hear him open the front door. I hear him rustle around and then he appears in my bedroom doorway. After the hugs and kisses being glad to see each other he covers my eyes and leads me to the living room. I believe he counted to 3 and then uncovered my eyes. What I saw was this....

He bought me an Audrey Kawasaki giclee print!!!! (This is where the "OMG!" comes in.)

He knew Audrey Kawasaki was my favorite artist and has been for years. I even made him sit down with me one evening to look at her work on her website. He's not a fan, but he humored me.

Original pieces of her artwork cost thousands. A giclee print can cost between $100-$250 on ebay.

It's a 14x18, signed and numbered print called 'Two Sisters'.

My reaction was exactly how he expected it to be he said. I was so shocked! I think I literally sat down with it and starred at it for an hour. I couldn't believe it. I finally had my very own Audrey Kawasaki.

He did so well!!! I am so proud of him! :)

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