Friday, May 22, 2009

I couldn't resist posting this.

I've been eating like a broke college student this week because...well...I'm broke! So right now you'll find the bottom of my pantry full of packaged, "just add water" noodles. (I actually call it all Ramen regardless of the brand, but whatever.) Although I do believe these are horrible for you and ridiculously high in sodium, they're around .35 cents each. And when you have a grocery budget of $40 and have to get food for 2 weeks, you just have to bite the bullet and do it sometimes.

So, while at the store I saw two different brands of cupped noodles. Ya know, the kind with noodles, seasoning, dried peas, carrots and corn? Yuck! Anyway, I grabbed the one I was familiar with, but kept looking at the other brand that I wasn't familiar with. The photo on their box looked more appealing than the one on the box I was getting. Yes, sometimes I'm a sucker for buying things because of how the packaging looks. Damn you graphic designers! :)

Anyway, so one day this week I ate the one that I fell for because of the photo. Today, I ate the one I am familiar with. And that's when I realized...the one I have always bought over the years when I'm broke and desperate is by far better than the other, hands down! (Even if the picture on their packaging didn't look as good as the other guys.)

So, while bored at work, I created a little visual and decided to take a vote.

Which one do you prefer?

I chose the one on the right, Maruchan Instant Lunch. (I still can't help but call it Ramen.)

-P.S. For those what-so-ever concerned, I won't be broke forever. I'm just playing catch up from a few unexpected emergency expenses these past few months. I'll be back to eating normal food soon. haha


Phil Bennett said...

I vote for the one on the right. Sometimes I sprinkle cheese over them...hahaha



Daniel's Mum said...

Does it really taste better or are you already psychologically conditioned by the marketing package that is taste better?? hmmmmm . . . . I still go for the one on the right as well :-)