Thursday, October 18, 2007

Crafty Crafty

So I finally decided to start doing something with all these great art ideas I get from the great blogs I visit daily. You'd think after a year or so of "oooohhhing" and "aaahhhhing" over all the ideas I would have done something by now. Better late than never though.

Thanks to Threadbangers, I decided to make my own screen print.

Embroidery hoop ($1.19) +
Mod Podge ($1.29) +
Tights (had already) + image from computer (free) =Om!
My very own screen print! Once dry, I'll turn it over and lay it down on a shirt and squeegee on some fabric paint and vwhalla! It's obviously backwards now, but when it's ready to be turned over and used on a shirt, it'll turn out just right. :)
I'll post pictures of the end result when I'm done. Hopefully it will be this weekend.

Also thanks to Threadbangers, I'm working on making my own beads out of magazine pages.
I used the bottle cap just to show the size. And no, I won't be using sewing thread. That's just what I'm doing to hold them all together while I make them all. Once I'm done I'll go to the art store and actually get beading thread and jewelry clasps.

Man...this is a lot of fun. I'm finally doing something and it feels great! :)

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Tracy said...

Very cute! Im happy for you and I want a bracelet out of those beads! :)