Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Skinny Bitch by Freedman & Barnouin

So the book has been out quite some time now, 2005 to be exact, but as usual, I catch on to things pretty late. I first saw this book at Target while roaming the isles for something that looked worth reading. I didn't intend on picking up a book about losing weight, but it caught my attention.

The book isn't really a diet book, but more about changing your lifestyle and being smart about the food choices you make. Sounds like all the other books out there, right? Well, it's not. This book's sassy, in-your-face, bad mouthed attitude is very refreshing in my opinion. It's like reading a jazzed up summary of a clinical science diet journal. (And I tend to have a "potty" mouth myself, so the language doesn't offend me what-so-ever. If anything, it gets me right on their level.)

My friend Andrea is turned off by the book because, as she says, it's hardcore. And I agree; it is hardcore. The two authors Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin strongly suggest you take up their lifestyle choice of being Vegan. But if you aren't interested in becoming vegan, all hope isn't lost. They offer you a ton of information about the foods we are eating and being sold and the stuff the FDA is approving even though it's bad for us. I myself was shocked to find out all the information and resources they have to back up the fact that "governmental agencies don't give a shit about your health." (That's chapter 9 by the way.) It's scary stuff.

I could say it's simple to summarize the book by saying, "Stay away from sugar, coffee, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, meat, dairy, eggs, soda, alcohol and etc. Do go organic and exercise!" But don't you want to know why? Sure you know most of those things are bad for you, but just knowing they are bad for me usually doesn't keep me away from them. I usually say to myself, "oh well, another pound or two won't hurt", but what this book is showing me is that what does hurt is that some of these foods have chemicals in them that cause a ton of other problems and how some foods can rot and ferment in your stomach and etc. That's the kind of facts that are going to keep me away from the stuff!

So, if you're at all interested, I strongly recommend this book. Be warned though, it's not for the faint at heart or good girls who are shocked when they hear a curse word. Consider this the boot camp of all other books its kind. It's very 'in-your-face'! That's why I love it! :)

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Tracy said...

I don't know. Ive scanned this book and may have to side with Andrea that its a little too hardcore for me. As much as I like to eat healthy, some of the suggestions are just too much for me. But you are right that its also nice to educate yourself so you think twice before picking up that cheeseburger or what have you. Let me know if you decide to go Vegan. :)