Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Weekend

Friday night my plans fell through to go see The Running downtown. (A local band of 3 guys I went to school with.) So, determined not to sit at home, I called up my cousin Jen and joined her in visiting her dad and step mom (my aunt and uncle) for dinner at their house.

I love visiting my aunt and uncle. There's always good food and good conversation.

My other cousin, Jessica also joined us and brought her 11 month old son Dominic. He is so precious. Beautiful dark, almond shaped eyes, long eye lashes and Angelina Jolie lips (boy version of course). :) Can't believe he's going to be 1 year old in just 2 weeks! Here is a picture of him that my uncle took the next day while outside.We all ended up staying the night and woke up to a wonderful homemade breakfast. (I mentioned the good food, right?) :) Then we spent the rest of the day outside on the back patio reading magazines, telling funny stories and playing with the baby. I ended up with the craziest sunburn! Due to sitting at the patio table holding the baby most of the day or a magazine in my lap, I was only burned on the tops of my arms, my forehead, nose and neck. I look so funny with red stripes down both of my arms! Fun times! I used to never burn in the sun and now I go out for 1 day and I'm toast! What is up with that? Is my skin changing or is it the sun?

My cousin Jessica happens to have majored in the Plant & Soil Science field in college and so I took ample advantage of the fact that she was there and asked her what types of things I should plant out on my balcony this year. She gave me a list of flower and plant combinations to put together in pots. Then my uncle gave me some terracotta pots he wasn't planning on using. I was ecstatic. Expert advise and some free pots. I left around 4pm and went straight to Home Depot! I spent about $35 on potting soil and 10 plants and headed home.

I spent the next 2 hours outdoors on my balcony with my cats, elbow high in dirt and loving every minute of it. It feels so amazing to work with your hands. Gives me a very strong feeling of accomplishment.

I didn't exactly put together the exact arrangements my cousin had laid out for me since my Home Depot didn't have everything she suggested, so I came up with my own arrangements, working with what they did have. Here's my work:
Can't wait to see what they'll look like mid summer! I'll be sure to share photos.

The rest of my weekend was lovely as well and I'm glad to have had a full, fun and fabulous weekend! :) We need those from time to time. Wouldn't you agree?!

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Daniel's Mum said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Dominic is SO CUTE!!! He will be a heartbreaker when he grows up! I love that pictures did you take it?