Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Things I'm sick & tired of hearing about everywhere I turn:

  • Miley Cyrus and her Vanity Fair photoshoot. WHO CARES!?!
  • Bindi Irwin rapping about conservation on television and coming out with an album.
  • Tom Cruise.
  • J.Lo. and her reality show.
  • If Ashlee Simpson is pregnant or not. Again, WHO CARES!?!
  • American Idol
  • The Hills
  • Which weekend Britney Spears will get to see her kids...

Why in the world are we so fascinated with celebrities? It's so annoying. I flipped through every radio station today searching for one that wasn't talking about a celebrity.

I was almost hoping that all these stupid celebrity reality shows would show us all how they are human beings just like us, only more retarded, and our fascination would be over with. So much for that....

I mean, come on, the populations demmand on celebrity crap is still so big that VH1 stooped so low to create 'Celebra Cadabra'. What the bleep is that!?! Those VH1 executives are sitting comfortably on their beach front veranda somewhere, smoking cigars, drinking martinis and laughing at how they're getting rich off the worlds stupidity. It makes me sick.

The price we put on entertainment as opposed to education, global issues and politics is disgusting.

(Sorry for my rant, but I'm just fed up.)


Adina said...

I have to be honest with you. I watch the Hills. It's one of my favorite shows. The awkward silences..I love them. I also watched Rock of Love 2. Ohhh I loved it. I try to limit my reality watching. But I can't help it. I dont care if Ashlee Simpson is preggers. I do think our country wastes too much time worrying about what celebs are doing. (I type this as I remember my Kimberly Williams-Paisley siting this weekend and how excited I was)....

Call Me Naive said...

I was thinking the same thing today when all over the news in our building was Miley Cyrus. Why everyone chooses to talk about the same things is beyond me. I do admit to clicking on Perez Hilton daily, but honestly I just like pictures. I know that sounds absolutely retarded, but a lot of times I'm getting idea for wardrobe, hair, make-up etc. Ok, that's not really helping my point, but there it is. Guess I'm just as bad as the rest of them-but I hate reality tv. :)

Anonymous said...

So I stumbled across your blog, but I'm happy I did so because I really enjoy reading it.
I did want to say, as far as this entry goes, that I could care less about celebrities. My mom drives me crazy when she talks as if she knows them personally. I like intellectual conversation. However, I think because of all the controversy amidst politics, religion and the like, people WANT the trivial dribble in order to block out the awful news and images happening today. Too much sadness has led to escapism, unfortunately in the form of scantily dressed blondes.
I hope it's okay if I link yours from mine to keep reading your entries :) Have a great weekend!