Thursday, May 29, 2008

design - part 2

Okay, if you go here (edit: link removed, sorry), you can view a virtual tour of one of the model apartments. It's not exactly the same one I'll be moving into, but the only difference is the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the main living area is exactly the same. So, if you go view it, you can see exactly the space I'm dealing with! Here are the questions I have that you can ponder while you're looking:
  1. Should I paint just the short wall with the fireplace, or the main large wall with the couch on it?
  2. Is an accent wall too out dated? I just figured painting the entire space would be too much!
  3. The "dining area" is going to be where my desk and computer go, so how would you lay it out? (I'll be using the kitchen bar as my dining area for now.)
As for the couch dilemma, I would love to find nice neutral color slipcovers. I have just never had any luck with finding the right fit for the couch I have. But maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. Here's my situation:

Most slipcovers I have seen look like this and fit couches like this:
But my couches are more like the following, with separate pillows for the bottom and the back.
So ideally, I'd want something that covers the frame, and then each seat cushion individually. (I can replace the back cushions without any problems.) So where would I find a slipcover like that?????

Oh and as for the 'learn how to' list the other day, I can already scratch off most of those. I looked up a biscotti recipe, bought my cats a scratching post, some cat nip and reversable tape for my sofa and the most obvious of all...I finally figured out how to make a blog header! :)

---Here's some more list for you---

Currently loving:
Currently hating:
  • People who don't show up to buy the thing you're selling on craigslist, after they told you they would.
Weekend Plans:
  • Go see Sex & The City movie!
  • Clean out closet and take old clothes to Goodwill.
  • Make the trip to the recycling center.
  • Go shopping with mom.
  • Try not to call boy-who-shall-not-be-named. :)

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