Monday, June 2, 2008


As you might have guessed it, I am crazy about Apartment Therapy(.com). I jump on line every day and check out what eye candy it has to offer me for design inspiration. I admit that I look at the photos more often than I read the articles. However, today their lovely outdoor photo caught my attention, and since I happen to be dreaming of creating a nice outdoor space of my own in my new apartment, I read.
This photo (courtesy of AT) makes me wish I was addicted to morning coffee. :)

The article: 'Where's Your Refuge?'

I found it funny that most people had the same answer I did. It's either an outdoor space or the bath tub. :) There's nothing better than sitting outside, sun warming your body, reading a good book or magazine and enjoying all the 'outdoor' noises and fresh air. Or laying in a tub full of hot water, some good music on, candles lit and completely escaping for about 30 minutes.

So, in the same fashion as AT today, I ask, where's your refuge?
(And if you bathe with music too, what's your music of choice? Mine is Sarah McLachlan.) :)


Adina said...

I'm sad to say I have no refuge. I should get one. I like baths, but I get aggravated because I'm too long for my tub, so I'm all scrunched up (I have a feeling you know what I'm talking about). I like to take walks outside, especially on days when it's not too hot and there's a breeze. I usually listen to my Ipod on shuffle.

Anonymous said...

Right now it's curling up at the corner of my couch to read. But we're moving soon and once we do, I plan on making my own space for refuge :)