Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Not thinking clearly, I deleted my Myspace account of 3 years. Okay, so what, right? It's just a myspace account, it's not your life. Well, that's what I was saying at first. Now, trying to recreate an account because you realize you loved it more than you liked to admit is no walk in the park. I'm on my third account right now and things still aren't cooperating. And my beloved "deleted" account is still out there, completely visible to everyone, just not accessible. It haunts me. How sad is that?

On to other things, two movies I saw this weekend I highly recommend to the chick-flick lover:

  • P.S. I Love YOU (Tear jerker!)
  • What Happens in Vegas (Hilarious!)

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Adina said...

I wondered why I got an email that I had a friend request from "Tara", but then I went to see who it was (you're the only Tara I know!) and there was no request. :-(