Friday, June 27, 2008

New Headboard & A Book You Should Look At!

So I am now the new proud owner of a headboard. I don't think I've had one since I was a small child (with the exception of those years with a daybed). I bought this large, Broyhill, solid wood headboard off of Craigslist last night for only $60. It was a steal! It just so happens to be stained in a cherry finish which matches my nightstand and my dresser (not pictured). However, I'm going to be painting all 3 pieces black next weekend. I can't wait! I'm sure I'll post before and after photos because by the time the pieces are painted, I'll be moving into my new apartment and I'll be wanting to show that off. So, I can now scratch "get headboard" off my To Do List. Woohoo! :)

My new blue duvet will be delivered either later today or Monday, so I'm excited about that as well.

In other news, I came across this post on Apartment Therapy today that really intrigued me. I would sum up what the post is about, but I'd just be reiterating what they're saying and trust me, they say it much better than I ever could. So please click on "this post" and check it out yourself.

I couldn't have said it better myself when AT said:
"If you watched the endless footage of flooding in the Midwest on television last night, you probably wondered - as I did - if this was a freak of nature or the shape of things to come. And then you might have thought - as I did - that if it IS global warming what the hell is going to stop it."

I worry more and more every day as I watch the evening news what this world is coming to. I wonder if there will even be a world for my children to live in. Should I start building my underground bomb shelter now? Ironically it'd be to protect me more from floods, dangerous UVB rays, low air quality and poisonous food more than it would be to protect me from a bomb. How weird that feels to say and yet, it's our reality.

What is this world coming to? And how are we going to rise up and stop it?


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of your bargain! You always seem to find the most fun things for cheap. I just don't seem to have the talent for that, even though lord knows I try! :)

Call Me Naive said...

I really do like it! I think I'll love it in black, with your new blue duvet!