Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My mind is racing right now. Which is odd because just a few moments ago I was laid back, relaxed, cool, calm and collected. Right now.....not so much.

Maybe because once I stopped spending my day emailing my friends...I got down to business...and "hello!" there's that stress I forgot I had lingering around.


For those of us still here at work...we have all collectively agreed that we are only here physically. Mentally...we left as soon as they gave us our lay-off notices. Which is horrible because we have 2 weeks left and none of us have the desire to work what-so-ever. I might have well kissed mine goodbye because I haven't seen it since.

Thanks to a friend I did get a good job lead and my interview was yesterday. As much as it sounded great...after letting it process, I am now nervous. Can you see me working in the ER of a hospital dealing with crisis and trauma on a daily basis??? I'm starting to second guess it, can you tell?

I don't know what I'm going to do. I could take this job at the ER, admitting patients in their time of crisis....but the down side of the job is....dealing with patients in their time of crisis...
I don't get offended or mad easily....but that doesn't mean that I want people in my face freaking out and yelling and me having to tell them to take a seat in the waiting room and to get out of the hallways.....and out of my face.

Wow...I'm scared.

Everything else in my life is looking up. Details I'd share if I didn't want to jinks it. HAHA

I can be so supersticious sometimes.

So's just work that has me stressed. Working here until my last day and trying to find work elsewhere. Hating it....

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Anonymous said...

A job is a job. Not a life. You can't let it control you and just remember: if you got this job, and you hated it, you can look for another one. We never have to be stuck somewhere we don't want to be. I think, because we are taught to work long and hard for our efforts, we forget that it's okay to keep looking when we're unhappy with the situation.
That goes for everything in life. But definitely for work. There will always be other jobs we can go to, if not right away, then eventually.