Monday, October 6, 2008


I'm tired of driving to a fast food restaurant, for a late night snack, by myself.
I'm tired of wondering what rental movie only I want to see.
I'm tired of rolling over in bed at night realizing no one is there.
I'm tired of only my things pilling up on the bedroom dresser and night stand.
I'm tired of not needing to clean up the kitchen because no one is coming over.
I'm tired of only my shoes being by the door.
I'm tired of having such a pretty balcony and no one to sit out there with at night.
I'm tired of having only my parents to go out to dinner with.
I'm tired of cooking for one.
I'm tired of changing my oil and washing my car and only my dad being proud of me.
I'm tired of being the only single girl out of all my friends.
I'm tired of spending most of my evenings online.
I'm tired of seeing and reading about people my age getting married and having babies.
I'm tired of being lonley.


Adina said...

I love you Miss Tara. We need to get together. I'm ALWAYS home. It's far for you. On Wednesdays I'm in Cool Springs for Harrison's Little Gym classes...let's get together for lunch one of those days. P.S. Even us married folks with babies get lonely. Don't let us fool you.

Erica said...

I got tired of cleaning up messes that weren't mine. I got tired of waking up because he didn't turn off the tv. I got tired of getting fat from eating when and what he wanted. I got tired of spending money on someone else rather than saving for things I want to do.

Stick with the "boys are dumb" thing.

You're right though. I sucks being the only single friend and seeing people getting married and popping out babies. I personally think they're crazy though and we're normal. We can do whatever the hell we want to. They have obligations and other peoples' feelings to consider.

Don't stress about it. Someone will come along just when you get comfortable walking around in your underpants with face cream on and towel on your head eating pasta with your fingers and watching movies you'd be embarassed to tell anyone about :)

Anonymous said...

To add to that--you never, ever have to watch any sport you don't want to. Or listen to monologues and long distance phone conversations revolving around a pitcher or defensive linebacker.
Or go white-water rafting if you don't want to. Or have every future vacation scheduled around baseball stadium.
I could go on. But you get the idea. :)

Call Me Naive said...

I agree with everyone here-the loneliness doesn't always go away-and cleaning up after dirty boys definitely gets old! And as lonely as I thought I was, I actually have quite fond memories of my time alone!

But I know you T, you're absolutely wonderful and people love you. You're genuine-and you'll probably trump us all with what you have in the end.

Love you so much!