Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Eating

What would the holidays be without food, right?

I did so well this weekend, eating right and working out both Saturday and Sunday...only to come to the office on Monday to find food everywhere! I forgot it's Snarf Fest. When we bring in food every day this week for everyone to eat on. I tried resisting temptation, but after a while, those chocolate desserts start calling your name.

I gave in...and now feel guilty. :)

Guess I'll be putting in more time on the treadmill.

Life is nothing but checks and balances...


Anonymous said...

I totally wanna work in your office right now. We just get pizza and beer on New Year's Eve after cleaning up the place ;)

Call Me Naive said...

At least your office shares the food! Mine, when it comes in, gets snatched to certain departments where we don't see it. ;( But I guess I don't really need the chocolates and cookies.

Who am I kidding, yes I do!