Friday, December 12, 2008

My 100th Post!!!

This is officially my 100th post at Create Yourself. I am very excited about that. Thank you to everyone that reads my blog, and a special thank you to those who leave comments. I love comments! I know I have taken a few long breaks in between posts and even at times have gotten a little dark and depressing, but thank you to those who keep up with me and stick it out. I love you! :-)

In other news, it SNOWED!
I have a new job now and I'm 30 minutes away from home, so I actually got to experience a lovely snow fall. In the valley I live in, this is rare to see. These are the very blurry cell phone pictures from last night as I was leaving work.

I was sooo happy. As I left work I swear there had to be an inch of snow on my car, and it was coming down fast and in huge flakes. And being that I live in Middle Tennessee, you should know that we don't know how to drive in rain, let alone snow! So what is supposed to only take me 30 minutes to get home took an hour and a half! Luckily the snow made all things forgiven and I wasn't mad at all. I did see something very odd though. An ambulance was headed my way, lights and sirens on and it was trying to get through traffic and wasn't having much luck, so it decided to cross the concrete median....and it got stuck! That was a sight to see. I was just hoping that where ever they were going was being taken care of and that no one was actually in the back of the ambulance needing to get to the hospital.

And of course, I was very disappointed when I came down the hill and into my little valley I call home to see NO SNOW AT ALL! How did I just leave what felt like the north pole to arrive at this??? What a bummer!

So this morning I wake up, no snow in sight so I get ready and head to work. Sure enough, get out of the valley and it's a winter wonderland! I took the back roads and the sights I saw were so beautiful that I wished I had brought my camera with me. Barns, evergreen trees, horses, cows, tractors...all covered in a beautiful blanket of white. (Well the animals weren't covered, but they were out there trying to find breakfast that wasn't frozen solid!)

Maybe if there is still snow out there when I leave work today, I'll get up tomorrow and drive back out there on my day off and take some photos. That would be really nice.

Hope everyone is having a good Friday!

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