Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Stork Has Been Busy!

Is it just me, or is it raining babies? :)

So many people out there in blogland that I follow on a daily basis are having babies:
  • Marta of Marta Writes had her little bundle of joy, Benji, not too long ago.
  • Natalie of 100 Percent Cottam had Simon recently as well.
  • Dee-Dee of Whatever Dee-Dee Wants... had Brody 1 month ago.
  • Ali Edwards is pregnant, along with her sister, Jessica.
  • i Love Life just had a baby, Pilot, and is now preganant with baby #2! :)
  • Nicole of Making It Lovely is having a girl!
  • My very own friend, Kat, had her baby girl Alison in May.
  • And I know 2 girls, Sheena and Sara that are both having girls in February. Sheena is naming her baby Aubrey and Sara is naming her girl Harper.

Wow! That's a lot of babies. Honestly, I feel like as soon as I wrap this entry up I'll think of more.

I guess I should be thankfull that I wasn't drinking the water! :)

Oh, and I was right. There are 2 more ladies here at work that are pregnant. Geesh!

Well, having a baby is no where in my near future, so in the mean time I'll post pictures of my adorable cousin Dominic. He's actually my cousin's baby boy, and I am not sure what you would call his relation to me. I catch myself calling him my nephew, but I know he's not that. So for now I'll settle on "cousin" until I hear otherwise.

Here is his blog debut...

He is such a cutie! :)

Hope everyone is having a good day and if you're being paid a visit by the stork, leave me a comment and let me know. This could be funny. :)

Thanks to all you mommas out there for helping make our world go round I guess.


Anonymous said...

He's way cute!
And I'm definitely going nowhere near that water. Yeesh.

Call Me Naive said...

I am I am!

kidding, no way near the time for me yet. But I agree-they're everywhere!