Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bad kitty? Sick kitty?

You see that one right there? That would be Molly.

Molly has always been "special". Not as smart, patient, and normal like her older brother Riley. But what she lacks in the head was made up for in her beauty. She has always been a pretty cat. Very prissy! See how she puts that paw out there? When both front legs are stretched out in front of her, she crosses them like a lady. It's the funniest, yet cutest thing.

Well, I've always had issues with Molly. I don't know if it's her "specialness" or her prissiness that causes her to have unusual bathroom behavior, but I have been putting up with it for 4 long, frustrating years. And this "mom" has about had it!

Lately she has been having even more unusual bathroom behavior than what is normal for her. From all the research I've done online she is either suffering from a Urinary Tract Infection, or she is pissed off at me for something I am completely unaware of.

Either way, I am sure you all know how horrible smelling cat pee is. God, it is horrible AND very hard to get rid of. And no matter how many times you spray, wash or deep clean, even if you can't smell it anymore, the cat can and will go right back to that same spot! Ugh!

Tonight was my last straw! When I found her new favorite place to potty, I lost it! I can't even tell you where it was because I am so embarrassed. It's awful and apparently she must have used that spot all day because there were multiple offenses!

So as I'm typing this, my apartment is filled with an aroma of citrus pet odor eliminator spray and laundry detergent. I am washing as much as I can right now and to be honest, I just washed the same load twice, just to give it everything I had. Although I wonder if my efforts will really even work.

So as Molly is very confused as to why she's locked in the bathroom with a fresh litter box and her food, and unaware of her trip first thing in the morning to the vet, I wanted to ask:

What is your best known remedy for cat accidents?

I've heard of something called Urine Be Gone? But when I raced to Wal-mart (the only thing open at 11:30 at night) they didn't carry it. So I purchased what they did have, some citrus (probably-won't-work) odor eliminator spray. But hey, I'm trying.

I've also heard of a homemade mixture of baking soda and lemon juice. This one I have not tested yet, but I am curious.

So yeah, for all you readers out there, I would love to hear what you have to suggest.

I am looking forward to reading the comments.

Until then...I have more laundry to tend to. (sigh)

And I hate to admit it, because I don't want to hear how bad of a person I am from all the extreme animal lovers out there, but I'll probably be looking for a new home for Molly. I love her, but I have had my fill.

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