Wednesday, April 29, 2009

T is for...

So I drove to Knoxville this past weekend to visit the man. (I still haven't chosen his blog alias.) We had made a list of things we wanted to accomplish over the weekend and surprisingly we did every one of them.
  • Eat sushi

  • Drive to the mountains

  • Visit Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg

  • Go to a baseball game

  • Go shopping for a new patio set for his new patio that he built

  • Go with him to buy fish for his many fish tanks (this guy really loves fish!)

The mountains were beautiful. We looked at patio sets but didn't buy anything. And at the "fish store" he bought 2 Clown Fish, 2 Green Chromis, 1 crab and some algae. I'm learning more than I ever wanted to about aquatic life. :) But learning new things is fun, so I really can't complain.

The highlight of the whole weekend though had to be the baseball game. Knoxville has a double A team called the Tennessee Smokies. Great stadium, crowd of almost 7000, and amazing seats! About half way through the game we make the connection of the TS that stands for the team and the TS that are our initials. (He and I have the same initials. It's funny.)

We talk about the humor we find in this for a moment and then he gets this idea. He wants to go buy baseball caps with the "TS" on them for us both. He said my hat could stand for his name and his hat could stand for mine. I laughed, thinking he was joking. Turns out...he wasn't.
We wore our matching caps all the way back home and just laughed. Now when he wears it he tells me "I wore my Tara today." He's so cute. :)
Yes, we are fully aware we are dorks, but we're okay with that. haha

It was a great weekend!

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