Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Etsy Purchase #2

Last night I decided to take on the daunting task of researching organic remedies for a skin condition that I have. I am so exhausted by putting chemicals in my body given to me by doctors, only to find little or temporary relief. And I must admit that after reading about Baliense Healers and their organic remedies actually working better than Western medicine in the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, I was intrigued.

So in my research I came across someone who recommended this seller on Etsy. (Etsy? Etsy has the answer to my skin condition? No way!) :) And being the fan of Etsy that I am, I immediately checked it out.

The Sandy Creek Soap Company has a line of organic products like soaps, lotions, tonics, bath salts, lip balms, laundry soaps and even organic soap and flea spray for your pets. The company was created after a woman recieved a bath set for Christmas and immediately went home to draw a hot bath. After soaking in it for 10 minutes she picked up the bottle to see what was in her 'lovely' bubble bath concoction. But the first thing she saw was a warning that read "avoid contact with eyes, mouth or open areas". She immediately drained the tub, jumped out and ran to the computer. She found most soaps contained chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryth sulfate, which is known to be a skin irritant at the least. The next day she went to her local market only to find that every single soap and body wash contained these chemicals. Thus began her journey in making green, safe soaps. Her soaps became so widely popular that her business grew. Now she has a customer service group that quickly answers all emails and phone calls and etc and now has a sister company The Wind Song.

So last night I emailed Sandy Creek Soap Company and explained to them my skin condition and it's severity and asked what products they recommended. This morning I received a lovely, nice sized reply. A Customer Service Rep named Lilly told me that she had the skin condition called Rosacea and since working for Sandy Creek she has become faithful to handmade soaps and her rosacea is completely gone and her complexion is clear. She then went on to recommend to me 4 of their products:
- Almond Honey soap
- Jojoba Mist soap
- Anti-Itch Tonic (which is also a anti-fungal and anti-bacterial)
- and Acne Tonic (for a question I had unrelated to my skin condition)

I looked at them all, read the product descriptions and bought all 4 of them right away. :) My purchase only came to $16 (not including taxes) too. I was thrilled.

I can't wait to get my package. Apparently they also give you ample free samples with every purchase no matter how big or small, so I am super excited.

I'll be sure to update everyone on my experience and results.

In the meantime, do as Sandy Creak Soap Company says: "Be Safe. Be Clean. Go Green!!" :)


Adina said...

I am very excited about this. I have sensitive skin, Harrison has eczema and D.J. has acne. We're always trying out new products (mostly organic these days). I will be checking out their stuff right now--thanks for the info!

I hope their stuff works for you.

Call Me Naive said...

This is awesome! Definitely keep me posted, but I'm with Adina in saying I'm going to check them out tonight. I would love a nice, clean face wash.

Jennifer Ramos said...

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Jen Ramos
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