Sunday, May 11, 2008

up to date

I haven't been great at blogging lately. So here's a list to catch everyone up to date:

- My Sandy Creek Soap is amazing so far. I've only been using it for 3 days and I love it!

- I'm supposed to be in Panama City, FL right now, but the trip got canceled. So I'm really bummed.

-Still facing a big lay off at the end of the year. Not looking forward to going back out on the job hunt.

- I need new friends, but don't know how to make any.

- I'm really sick of being single, and internet dating has proven to fail so far.

1 comment:

Adina said...

I'm with you on the bummed about trip being cancelled (my trip to St. Pete was cancelled--due to low funds). And not knowing how to make new friends. I feel like I have no social skills. I have no idea how to make new friends. It's really bumming me out.