Thursday, December 11, 2008

Craft Time!

I'm one of those people that loves crafts, but if it ends up looking homemade then I'm not going to bother making it or I'll do something with it after I'm done, like hide it. I think that's the perfectionist in me. I have painted many a canvas in my day, drawn beautiful pictures, made lovely craft projects, but you would never know this if you walked in my home because I don't keep them out in view. I have either given them away to friends and family or stashed them away in a box in my closet. It's sad really. I see so many people making their own art to decorate their home with and I love it. And yet when I attempt it, I see the imperfections, know that I made it, and put it away. I am not sure why I do this.

What's really interesting is that I was talking about something similar to this yesterday with my sister and also with my friend Liz. I had someone tell me Tuesday that they were really surprised to hear that I was passionate about interior design because they had never heard me talk about it before. And then Liz was shocked to hear that I had an SLR camera at home. She thought I only shot with my small digital. Apparently, I may not be all that much of an open book as I thought I was.
When it comes to my passions or my interest, I don't talk about them much. If I died today and someone, besides my family, went through my house, they'd probably wonder if they knew me at all. Boxes and boxes of photographs that I've taken over the years due to my love of photography, an SLR camera and accessories stashed in a case in my closet somewhere collecting dust. Boxes of art supplies and art projects literally stacked in the very back of my closet appearing as if I don't touch it at all...but I do. A guitar that no one knows I pick up and attempt to play almost every other night. A baseball glove and softball that is sitting on my shelf in my bedroom, also collecting dust. I love to play catch. I think it's one of those past times that I remember with my dad when times were good. I just don't know anyone else who enjoys that so I don't ever say anything. And my collection of art that I've collected over the years...spending way too much money for handmade pieces of art off the internet because I love it. :)
Yeah, I guess I just don't talk about this too much with friends. I'd like to think that I talk about it more here than anything though. If you went through old posts you'd good sense of what I'm into. I guess I'll try to work on this more.

Wow, I believe I just rambled on and on about something that was not even the intention of this blog entry. What I wanted to really talk about was this...

I came across this lovely craft project over at Design Crush. She got the idea from Evie-S and they in turn got the idea from Craft Stylish. I love it. I think it's perfect for the holiday party Liz is hosting this year and so we plan on making it together to decorate her home with.
All you need is white floss and 1 inch, white, garage sale stickers. Go to Craft Stylish to check out the step-by-step tutorial if you need it.
They are beautiful, aren't they? I cannot wait to see how they turn out when Liz and I make them. I'll be sure to post some photos.
I love a good craft project! And this one won't be in my home, but in hers, so in some way I justify it. I'm weird...
Hope everyone is having a good day!
photos via: Craft Stylish

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Anonymous said...

I'm soooooo excited to make these and can't wait to see how they look on the windows!! Yay!! You're totally my interior designer :)